Alfred Gutierrez

Alfred Gutierrez

Open Source Software enthusiast specializing in streaming multimedia technologies, currently working as a Software Architect on the Video Engineering teams at Fandango and PeacockTV.

  • Designing software in Go, JavaScript/Node, Python, Rust, C, and C#.
  • Strong views and methodologies in minimalistic design & architecture. Values modular, minimal and well-documented code.
  • Well-versed in many web technologies and frameworks, backend, infrastructure, and low-level programming.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced with many AWS services.
  • Experienced building and designing performant, large-scale applications and infrastructure delivering streaming video to millions of customers.
  • Quick debugging & troubleshooting skills to resolve technical issues and incidents quickly.
  • Favorite tools are Vim, FFmpeg and VLC.

It is my passion to build open source software. I try my best to create applications, libraries and tools that others may find useful. Most of my work is focused around video and audio technologies with the occasional fun project.

Some of my favorite projects are:

I also build MP4 inspection tools, test players, mp4 libraries, CLI tools and Docker images.

Check out more of my featured projects at!

You can find me on Github, LinkedIn, or Email.

I currently live in Los Angeles, CA.